Metabolic Camp

The Maternal PKU Camp,(for girls ages 12 and up),will be held in Atlanta, GA, on June 17th -22nd. This unique camp experience will teach skills for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing the challenges of the PKU diet in addition to creating special bonds among the girls that will last a lifetime. Tennessee campers are eligible for partial scholarships to assist in attending camp. Ask your PKU clinician for more information and to receive camp registration and scholarship applications.

TN PKU Founder’s Scholarship


We have opened the application for our college scholarship support for people diagnosed with PKU that reside in or whose clinic is in Tennessee. We know that Tennessee has expanded their tuition relief efforts so we are rewarding $1,000 either in tuition support OR credit towards low protein food to help alleviate financial and food stressors for students with PKU in Tennessee. During the review period we will require an acceptance letter from the college you are attending, and if low protein food is needed, we will discuss your preference options and delivery method. We will also verify clinic status with your clinic. Applications are due: May 10th, 2019. For more information contact: