PKU Nashville Zoo Event Flyer

    4pm: Registration Opens
    4pm - 6pm: Explore The Zoo Freely With Family & Friends Before Dinner
    6pm - 8pm: Dinner At The Jungle Terrace & Unlimited Access And Rides To Zoo Attractions (Soaring Eagle, Wild Animal Carousel)
    We are so glad you are here! 
    With your generosity, the Tennessee PKU Foundation has been  able to continue to elevate our efforts  statewide to aid in maintenance and  increased efforts to promote proper  treatment for PKU.  
    On average someone with PKU spends  an additional $15,000/year to properly  treat PKU. It is, therefore, absolutely  necessary that we continue to support  treatment until a cure can be identified  and approved. In addition to research  support, your generosity is supporting  diet management resources for newly  diagnosed patients and patients returning  to diet, a home delivered low protein  food box and low protein clinic based  food pantry for patients in need, college  scholarship fund to support PKU  students, and sponsorship for advocacy  for the essential Medical Nutrition Equity  Act (MNEA) bill that is currently gaining  support in congress.  
    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK  YOU!